Christian’s Hope

Christian's Hope cover snip


When Christian Hochstetler returns after seven years of life with the Delaware Indians, he finds that many things have shifted. His father, Jacob, wants him to settle back into a predictable Amish life of farming, and Christian’s friendship with Barbara Rupp also beckons him to stay. Yet Christian feels restless, and when he meets an outgoing preacher from another church in the area, with a new take on the gospel message, Christian stands ready for a change. Will Christian choose to remain Amish, or will he depart from the faith of his childhood?

The story of the Hochstetler family is shot through with threads of brutality, murder, kidnapping, and separation. In Christian’s Hope, the long-lost son returns, and two worlds (Amish and Native American) collide. The golden strands of forgiveness unmerited, mercy triumphant, sweetest redemption, and amazing grace weave a tapestry of hope for us all.”
—— Rhonda Schrock, writer, blogger, and columnist

“Once again, Stutzman has drawn us in and makes us feel the angst of being forced to choose between these two cultures. He keeps us wondering how it will turn out in the end.”
—— Becky Gochnauer, director, 1719 Hans Herr House & Museum

“Stutzman employs honesty and sensitivity in fictionalizing the story of a young man striving to understand and mend his divided heart. A remarkable retelling of an extraordinary life.”
—— Janice Dick, novelist